Subway Surfers: New York

06.12.2022 21.832 262 votes

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What is Subway Surfers: New York?

Subway Surfers: New York

It was only a matter of time before New York was to be visited in the world of Subway Surfers Games online, precisely what we invite you to do right now and here on our website free and unblocked, as we continue with the city that never sleeps in this World Tour we are taking with this category!

Visit New York with the Subway Surfers Games for our website!

You will use the arrows to change lanes, jump, and slide, using these actions to avoid the obstacles on the train lines, because the bigger distance you advance forward, the better your performance. If you bump into them too many times, the police officer chasing you eventually catches up to you.

Collect as many coins from the tracks as you can, using them to acquire new skins for your surfer, and when the surfboard power-up is collected, you can use it to jump and fly over everything by pressing the spacebar. Good luck, enjoy and stick around, there is plenty more fun to come which we hope you aren't going to miss out on today this whole day!


Kiloo/SYBO Games

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How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.