Urban Stack

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What is Urban Stack?

Urban Stack

Urban Stack is an arcade game that combines town-building games with stacking games all into one, with a few elements of idle gaming too, so you should get yourself ready for quite a unique experience, unlike you have in this genre very often, so don't miss out on the game for anything in the world!

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Instead of stacking endlessly, in each level, you are making a building by stacking its parts on top of each other, but if you don't get them to drop just right, the building will crumble. But, if you make it big enough, you complete it, and get to unlock new buildings in your city, such as the city hall, museum, hospital, hotel, and more!

Try stacking one building after another, with as much skill as possible, and see how big of a city you can make, since that is your ultimate goal. The best we wish you all, as always, and we're hoping to see more of you, the day has way more to give!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.