Super Scissors

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Super Scissors
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What is Super Scissors?

Super Scissors

Super Scissors is here for all of you who love playing hypercasual games in 3D but also love how a scissor sounds or looks when it cuts something, which is what we invite you to right now in this skill, runner, and all-around fun arcade game we carefully prepared for you all here, free of charge, as always!

Let's cut with the online Super Scissors!

Hold the mouse or finger on the screen as you swipe left and right, and, as you keep doing that, you need to cut down the strands of hair to get points in return, while making sure to avoid the rotating obstacles or other kinds of them, because they cut the scissors instead, and if they get torn down, you lose.

Instead, finish level after level as you move through the courses, cutting up as much hair as possible, no matter how difficult the courses become, and acquire new skins for the stickman as well as its scissors, to keep things fresh and interesting, and always more fun than in the previous level. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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