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What is is an in-house made action and shooting game set in a multiplayer format, as you are going to be playing against other people from all across the world, and we are sure that you will find this 2D game as charming as it is exciting, and you're not going to get bored even for a second! Best 2D online multiplayer!

After you and three other players, meaning a total of four, get inside the room, you need to jump on the platforms, grab weapons, grenades, and power-ups, and use all of these items at your disposal to shoot down the enemies in the room, with the last one surviving being the winner.

Use WASD to move, space to jump left click to shoot, wheel for the grenade, and left mouse button for melee. There can also be bouncy platforms around, or all sorts of items, which you should take advantage of as you come across them, while giving it your best not to let yourself get shot down and eliminated by the other players.

We wish you the best, as we hope you come out on top with each game, and we hope you aren't stopping here, since the day has plenty more gifts for you here on our website!


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How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse.