Ruin Castle

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What is Ruin Castle?

Ruin Castle

We now invite you all to ruin a castle in what is without a doubt one of the best new puzzle games online on our website, a brand new Fancade game we're happy to share with you here, as we know that these arcade games have been received here extremely well, so this one is not going to be an exception to the norm either, guaranteed!

Ruin the Castle online!

Use the mouse or finger to swipe in which direction you want the knight to move on the blocks, and know that each block of the castle that you move on will descend low after you have left it, and through this method you have to bring down all the blocks, running the castle, as the title says.

The block castles can have various shapes, obstacles, and empty slots also appear, so figure out the best way to move around to achieve this goal, meaning that in this kind of game, it is way better to think before you move. If you fail, start off again, and think of a better route to go on!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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