Ninja Tower

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Ninja Tower
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What is Ninja Tower?

Ninja Tower

Ninja Tower represents yet another fascinating logic and puzzle game brought over by our team from the world of Fancade Games that we've seen you love playing here so much, and considering previous entries like this one here, we're sure you're about to have simply a fantastic time from start to finish!

Let's climb the Ninja Tower!

Use the Arrows or the WASD keys to move your ninja through the floors of the tower, with the ninja going from one wall or block to another, fully. Figure out the best way to go about in order to reach the exit of each floor and ascend higher, while also being careful not to hit into the traps, or you lose.

Enemies can be defeated, either by hitting them directly with your own blocky avatar or by hitting other items that will then collide with the enemies and take them down. Collect treasures along the way, and see how far you can reach, no matter how difficult the levels become as you climb.

The best we wish you all, after which we hope to see you around for more of the day, as more great games are still about to be shared with everyone here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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