Color Break

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What is Color Break?

Color Break

Color Break is a Fancade-style brick breaker game, otherwise known as Arkanoid games, which we are sure that you will find equally charming and fun, as it stands quite apart from the other many games in this genre that we've been sharing with you here over the years, so not playing it should really be out of the question for you all!

Break the Color, brick by brick!

Using either the arrows, WASD keys, mouse, or touch controls, depending on how you would rather play this game, move the ball around the bricks, having to use a ball of the same color as the bricks to break them and eliminate them, and when no longer there are colored bricks on the screen, you win the level.

If you have multiple colors, hit into the bricks with that color that has a special symbol on them, since those are used for turning your ball into another color, and then use it on those bricks.

We're sure that you've understood this concept very well, and would be ready to give it your best right now, something we hope to see you do, after which we hope to see you keep playing our great new games of the day!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.