Noob: One Punch

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Noob: One Punch
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What is Noob: One Punch?

Noob: One Punch

Noob: One Punch is one of the latest Minecraft Games online that we are very excited to share with everyone on our website right now, as it features this character from the franchise that is more popular than ever, and we're absolutely positive that with this new kind of format we present you right now you're going to have a literal blast, not just a metaphoric one!

Help Noob defeat the zombies with One Punch!

Use A, D, F to help the Noob punch, with each of his punches blasting everything in his path a long way, even himself, as he is going to be taken by the force of the punch in whole new directions, where you join him as well.

Fly using his punches from one spot to another, and along the way, make sure that you defeat the zombies and survive as long as possible, with each new level featuring more zombies and waves for you to survive.

You only have five lives, and if you lose all of them, you will have also lost the game and need to restart. Good luck in your latest action-heavy adventure with this beloved blocky character, and stick around for more of this great content yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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