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Make 24
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What is Make 24?

Make 24

Make 24 is one of the best puzzle games with math that we've had on our website in quite a long time, a format we would always recommend to each and every one of our visitors, no doubt about it, as we know from our first-hand experience how much fun it can be and how unique it is, so you should also not miss out on this opportunity, even better if you want to become better at math!

Can you make Make 24?

In each level, both in the practice mode or in the arcade mode, where you are playing against time, your goal is the same, which is to take the four tiles with numbers on them to be turned into one single tile with the number 24 on it.

To do that you can use addition, division, multiplication, and reduction math operations. Click on a number, an operation, and the number you want to use it on, and the tiles will merge if the equation is correct.

Figure out how to move the numbers around and combine them with one another so that you reach 24 and finish each of the levels, and we're sure you will do a great job and have plenty of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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