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What is Longcat?


Longcat is yet another cute and fun puzzle game from the world of Fancade Games online that we are currently expanding on our website, it is a true online arcade with games of many formats to suit the tastes of players of all kinds, and we are very positive that this one is also going to be found as quite a blast by many if not all our visitors!

Help the Longcat fill the squares!

In each level you use the arrows to control the square cat, moving it through the squares in such a way that you make it fill up the whole space, with not even one spot left standing, and by doing so, you complete the stage, with each one featuring a more difficult map for you to fill out, of course.

Surely you've understood all this, and are now ready to give the game your best and enjoy it to the fullest, just like we did, so don't miss out on it, you will only regret it!

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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