Squid Deadflip

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What is Squid Deadflip?

Squid Deadflip

Gymnastics games online added into the Squid Game category fit quite well, as many of the challenges in the Netflix show had been physical ones, and while this is not one depicted in the series, as it is an original one, we are very positive you are going to enjoy it very much, just like we have had!

Can you do a Squid Deadflip? Play and find out!

Tap and hold then release to make a backflip in the air, and try to time your flip so that as you fall down, you grab all the stars along the way, usually three per level, and then make a safe landing on a platform, because if you fall to the ground, you die, turning the backflip into a dead flip.

Each new level becomes more complicated than the one before in what you need to do and how complicated it is to steal the stars, but we are sure that your skills will also improve along the way, and you will have lots of fun, just like we have had!

Start now, hone your skills and see how much money you can come out of this game with, but more importantly, with your life!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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