Turbo Tracks

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What is Turbo Tracks?

Turbo Tracks

Turbo Tracks is yet another exciting car driving game in 3D from Fancade that we are delighted to share with you all on our website, as we've seen just how much fun you've had with previous games that are similar to this one, and this one is not about to become an exception, that is for sure!

Let's race and win on the Turbo Tracks from Fancade online!

Tap and hold to accelerate, or click and hold, depending on whether you are playing on a mobile device or PC, and give your best to finish first on the three laps of the race, against the other blocky cars you are racing against, even though the first two levels you play by yourself, so you learn how to do it properly.

Make sure to also point the mouse or finger in the right direction, so you don't crash or get stuck, and know that just holding continuously will not give you more speed, as you need to keep shifting gears and finding the right speed to take all the curves and loops toward the finish line.

Can you be faster and swifter than the virtual racers? We think so, so give your best and have endless amounts of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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