Infinite Heroes

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Infinite Heroes
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What is Infinite Heroes?

Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes is one of the best new card games online we're delighted to share with you on our website, it a genre that seems to be increasing in popularity quite a lot lately, and after you start playing this new addition, you are going to agree with us on why that is, and will only want to play more of them, which we offer!

Become Infinite Heroes online right now!

You will have a hero represented by a card, and it will have hit points, which are its attack power, as well as shield points, which are the defensive power, used when it gets attacked.

Move the hero over the cards of the enemies with a smaller number of shield points to take them out, powering yourself up in the process, to defeat enemies that are stronger and stronger.

As you advance through the cards of enemies, you can also find power-up cards, such as the ones in purple, you can use potions for various reasons, and you need to gain enough power or make your hero better to defeat the bosses.

Through each new level, you advance in the map, with the enemies getting more powerful for you to defeat, but your strategizing, and your inventory of cards and potions will also get better, so we're sure you will do a fantastic job and have lots of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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