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Use Boxmen

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Use Boxmen
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Use Boxmen Overview


If you like creative puzzle-platformer games to play, you will always get the chance of finding them here for free, as we do right now with Use Boxmen, a wonderful new addition to our website, where we are sure you will have a ton of fun as we can say the same from our own time playing this game!

Let's Use Boxmen for your next adventure!

Use the arrows to move and jump, and when you want to create a boxman, a double of yourself that is disposable, you press the shift key. Use them to make them stand on buttons for you to remove traps and obstacles, or for making double jumps successfully when there is a big distance.

Each new level will feature more complicated puzzles with platforms, and you should always think before you act, as the way you utilize these boxmen is how you are going to clear through all of them and end up victorious, which we hope it will happen, after which we hope to see you playing more of our great daily games! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows.


Greg Sergeant

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