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Tasty Drop

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Tasty Drop
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Tasty Drop Overview


Tasty Drop is one of the best new puzzle, logic, and skill games we're sharing with you all on our website today, made even better by the fact that we're talking about a game with food, which is always received extremely well by our visitors, and this one is not going to be an exception either, hence why we shared it with you as quickly as possible!

It's time to Tasty Drop!

A Ramen bowl only needs one more thing to be perfect, which is a boiled egg, and it is your job to drop it inside the bowl at each level to finish, so use the mouse to drag the egg left and right, and release the mouse or click when you want it to drop, using the finger for swiping if playing on a mobile device.

It should bounce off from the platforms arranged in various ways at each level, with each new stage being more difficult and complicated than the one before, and sometimes the bowl is even moving, so you have to get your timing right, not only the position, of course.

Depending on how good your strategy was, and how well you've moved, you will get from one to three stars, so we hope you always aim for 3/3. Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope you stick around for more of our daily content, today and every day, for that matter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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