Air Traffic Control

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What is Air Traffic Control?

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control is a new kind of airplane game online, which is more about landing one such vehicle than flying with it, as those who have this job have to make sure that all planes landing at an airport will land safely, and no one crashes, which is what you will be making sure of right now and here!

Let's work for Air Traffic Control online, of course!

Use the mouse to draw paths for each plane to take towards the landing strip dedicated for them, usually show through the means of color, and make sure that it does not crash into other planes flying around, meaning that you have to draw the paths without them touching one another, or you lose.

You do this from one level and zone to another, but they get more difficult, as more airplanes can appear, or their landing strips can be trickier to get to. Anyways, we are sure that if you focus and give your absolute best, you will do simply great, from start to finish, and not get bored for a second, just like we've really enjoyed this game as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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