Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday Wonderland

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What is Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday Wonderland?

Subway Surfers: Winter Holiday Wonderland

It's time for a Winter Holiday Wonderland in our Subway Surfers Games, which is why we are delighted to share this game with you all right now, featuring a crossover of the most popular endless runner and racing games online in 3D on the internet, and the world's most popular holiday, by far!

Subway Surfers Games presents Winter Holiday Wonderland!

As suggested, the tracks, railways, trains, and everything around you will be covered in snow or Christmas decorations, giving the game quite a special look, but other than that, you need to do the same thing, which is trying to outrun the cop as far as possible, as the more distance you advance, the better for you!

Use the arrows to duck left, right, jump, as well as slide, using these movements to get past obstacles along the way, but also to grab coins and earn as many of them as possible, as you can use them for buying new skins for your surfer character.

You can catch the surfboard power-up from the course, and you can activate it by pressing the spacebar, using it to fly over everything at great speeds and get ahead. It's all that simple and fun, so begin right now, stick around, and maybe invite your friends to join in too!


Kiloo, SYBO

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How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.