Save Huggy Waggy: Paint the Defence

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What is Save Huggy Waggy: Paint the Defence?

Save Huggy Waggy: Paint the Defence

Save Huggy Waggy: Paint the Defence is a very fun interactive puzzle game with drawing featuring the fan-favorite scary toy from Poppy Playtime Games, which had been one of the most popular categories of this year, and we're sure that this will move forward to next year as well when we will continue having fun with these characters!

Paint the Defence and Save Huggy Waggy!

In each level, there will be some kind of flying monsters or other creatures that will attack Huggy, but you first get to protect him by using the mouse to draw his defense, creating lines that will protect them from the attackers, and if he can survive for the given time, you are going to clear the level and advance to the next one.

At each new level, there will be a more difficult threat posed to you, but you will also become better at making the defenses, no doubt, and we're sure you are going to have simply an awesome time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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