Draw and Save The Car

Draw and Save The Car

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Draw and Save The Car
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Draw and Save The Car Overview


We know just how much you love puzzle games with drawing where by doing that you get to save someone or something, as it is the case right now, where a car is totally relying on you to save it from crashing and burning, and we're sure that your skills will contribute a whole lot toward that!

Let's Draw and Save The Car online!

Firstly, know that this game has no less than 200 levels for you, one more difficult than the other, but each different, which is what makes this game quite fun and interesting, in addition to being quite huge as well, obviously.

In each level, you need to help the car reach the flag to finish that level, but to do it you need to use the mouse to draw bridges and lines on which it is going to drive on.

Make sure you draw your bridges in such a way that you avoid the traps and obstacles along the way or falling into the pits because that means losing the levels and having to start again from scratch. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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