Santa's Quest

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Santa's Quest
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What is Santa's Quest?

Santa's Quest

Santa's Quest is a brand new puzzle game with logic and adventure elements all into one, which is one of the best games for us to bring along for you at the end of the year, as we've not yet got over celebrating Christmas, without a doubt our favorite holiday, so through games like this one we are still trying to hold onto it!

Let's help with Santa's Quest online!

In each level you use the mouse to move stones around, moving them in such a way as to create a complete path on which Santa can go and reach the goal stone, the finish line, the final flag, and along the way make sure that you create the road so that you collect all the three gifts.

While each new level is more difficult than the other one, if you focus, we are sure that you will complete all of them, and when you get stuck, you can always use hints, but try not to OVERUSE them. Also, the fewer moves it takes you to complete a level, the better you will have done. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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