Draw a Line to The Castle

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Draw a Line to The Castle
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What is Draw a Line to The Castle?

Draw a Line to The Castle

Draw a Line to The Castle is yet another amazing puzzle game where drawing is the main skill you need to use after you put your logic to the test, and we're sure you are going to have an absolute blast since this format has been tested here before, so giving it a chance right now is a must, in this new form!

Let's Draw a Line to The Castle!

In each level, you've got a red stickman hanging by, and you need to draw a path for him to take over to the castle with the red flag, and if that happens with no problems, you will have cleared the level.

The problems can be getting stuck or hitting the spikes, metal balls, and various other traps that are going to be put between the stickman and the castle, so find a way out through them.

Each new level gets more difficult than the one before it, but also more fun, we promise, so start right now, and don't stop, since the day is not done with, meaning that more games are about to come over here for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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