Roll and Score

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Roll and Score
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What is Roll and Score?

Roll and Score

Roll and Score is now here for you since we know how much love soccer games online get on our website each and every day, so for anything in the world we would not have missed this opportunity, with this game having sort of a hypercasual touch to it, which means that you're about to have quite the new kind of virtual football experience!

Let's Roll and Score and have fun with soccer online!

Use the mouse to roll your soccer ball on the course by holding it and dragging it in the desired direction, and as you go, collect coins, since they can be used for buying new skins and upgrades, and collect new balls to grow bigger.

Why? Because there will also be obstacles in your path, and if you don't have a big enough soccer ball to power through them with, you are going to get stuck and lose.

For a few extra coins to be earned, also knock down as many of the pins which act as defenders before the net as possible, and then get the ball inside the gate to score and win.

Each new level will feature a course that is more difficult than the one before it, but we guarantee that it is also going to be more fun to go through them, we promise! Start rolling and scoring, then!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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