Kogama: Run & Gun Zombie

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What is Kogama: Run & Gun Zombie?

Kogama: Run & Gun Zombie

It makes perfect sense for us now to bring you a game such as Kogama: Run & Gun Zombie, considering how much popularity this whole genre has now gotten thanks to amazing adaptations such as The Last of Us, and we're positive that with this new action game with shooting zombies in 3D set in a multiplayer world, your interest in this format will only grow even further!

Run and Gun the Zombies in Kogama online!

In the world you are in, you need coins to buy guns and even swords, as only weapons can defeat the zombies you might encounter, so make sure to grab a hold of them at any cost, because if you are left without defense, and the zombies eat you, you lose and need to start all over again from scratch.

After grabbing the coins, if you have enough, go towards the gun or weapon you want to use and press E to take hold of it, using then the mouse to shoot or attack with it, making sure to beat the zombies and earn even more coins from that, which you can use to buy new skins or cool upgrades.

Of course, all the other players will attempt to do the very same thing, so try to do better than them so that you climb higher in the rankings. Use WASD to move, and the spacebar to jump. Now you know what you needed to know, so let the fun begin, and share the game with friends with confidence, we're sure they will also enjoy them plenty!

How to play?

Use WASD, E, space, and the mouse.



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