Squid on Road

30.01.2023 336 4 votes

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What is Squid on Road?

Squid on Road

Squid on Road is an action-heavy driving game with cars unlike any of you has ever played before on our website, precisely why sharing it with you right now was something very important for us, since it's not every other day that you will get to find anything else quite like it, so trying the game is a must, believe us when we tell you!

Be the fastest Squid on Road!

Tap left and right to steer your car, but it is called a squid because you can extend hooks from it, both to boost yourself forward, and, most importantly, to attack and defeat other cars on the road which are your enemies. Drag and release toward their directions to get rid of them.

Get rid of all these bandits from each level to clear it, no matter how difficult they get as you keep playing, and no matter how difficult the roads might become also, such as the desert in the first one. Now that the basics have been understood, it only takes for you to give this game your best, and then maybe try out even more of our daily content!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.