Huggy Granny: Horror

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What is Huggy Granny: Horror?

Huggy Granny: Horror

Huggy and Granny teaming up can only result in one of the best horror games experiences of our website, which is precisely what we invite you to do right now and here with this tremendous game, where we hope that you will understand just how important survival is, and that you will achieve it, no matter how scary things might get!

Huggy Granny a new Horror game for you!

In the strange place you find yourself, you need to get out and escape, all the while making sure to hide from both Granny and Huggy, who is lurking around the place, and are intent on killing you in case they catch you, so make sure not to let that happen.

Your goal is to collect all the items and open the locks, which is the only way to ensure that you get out. If you open up all the locks at the main door, a surprise ending awaits you.

Use WASD to move, E for synergy, G to throw an object, C to sit down, and Q to come out of hiding. Now that we're sure you understood everything, let the fun begin straight away, and maybe invite your friends over here to have the same amazing experience!

How to play?

Use WASD, E, G, C, and Q.


Walhemic Interactive

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