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Nothern Merge

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Nothern Merge
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Nothern Merge Overview


Nothern Merge is one of those merging games online with story and adventure, which elevates a premise that would otherwise be rather simple, since it gives more purpose to matching than just getting points and clearing level, but a bigger goal, just like in real life, of course!

Play Nothern Merge and set out on an adventure of discovery!

Use the mouse to merge various items, such as flowers, trees, hey, so that the woman character that you've merged into existence at the beginning of the level has something to eat, and then continue with the merging in order to build her a house, give her more resources, and, even a boyfriend.

At each level, you are given quite clear indications of what items you need to merge together, and you are going to use the mouse to do it, dragging items around, having to match three items of the same kind to create one of an upper level, and more importance.

Always upgrade whatever it is you've already merged in previous levels so that you get better resources and have an even better time as you progress. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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