Moon Girl Moxie

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Moon Girl Moxie
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What is Moon Girl Moxie?

Moon Girl Moxie

Moon Girl Moxie is the first of many Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Marvel Games online that you will be able to find and play for free on our website, as we've worked quite hard to share this page with everyone, knowing very well just how many fans it will grab really quickly.

Play Moon Girl Moxie and catch the baddies!

As Moon Girl and the Dinosaur, which you can conjure up by grabbing the food and clicking his button, skate or ride through the city, you need to reach one of the three villains, of your choosing:

  1. Cold Cut Baddie
  2. Truck Thief
  3. Devos

Use the mouse or finger to click or tap and jump, avoiding the obstacles thrown in front of you, but also to do tricks and stunts on ramps and other objects, because Casey, her best friend, is live-streaming, and you want to get lost of viewers, no? Grab the boxing gloves too, so you can activate the power-up.

The courses are not infinite, so if you get far enough, you will catch the villains, but know that hitting the obstacles too many times will eventually cause you to lose. Good luck, enjoy and stick around for more fun, we promise you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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