Noob and the Ant Farm

Noob and the Ant Farm

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Noob and the Ant Farm
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Noob and the Ant Farm Overview


Noob and the Ant Farm is a brand new building game online in 3D set in the world of Minecraft Games, a mix that works quite well together, as the category had always been about crafting, and what you try to make into a reality today is an ant farm, an experience we are sure you will appreciate and find to be really interesting!

Help Noob at the Ant Farm!

Use the mouse to navigate with Noob around, starting off in level one, where you need to cut down the food, bring it over and unlock the anthill, feed an ant, and after it produces an egg, took that egg to the hill, where it will generate a smaller ant, which will then start working for you collecting more food and bringing it back, alongside you.

Cut down the whole pumpkin, enter the portal, and advance to the next level. This is the gist of the process you need to do level after level, and as you proceed through them, you need to keep collecting more food, make more ant hills, and generate more ants so that the farm becomes self-functioning, and you end up creating something big and beautiful.

Now that you've surely understood our premise and how much fun you can have with it, start the game, and maybe share it with your friends as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Pavel Petrov

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