Daniel Tiger At the Dentist

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What is Daniel Tiger At the Dentist?

Daniel Tiger At the Dentist

Daniel Tiger At the Dentist is one of the loveliest new games we are happy we've got the chance of sharing with you all right now in this category, where we are always seeking to bring you new content when it appears, which happens quite rare, but when it does, it happens with amazing content as the game you get to check out right now!

Go with Daniel Tiger At the Dentist!

Through this game, you will do things such as brush his teeth, calm the tiger with a song so that he does not feel anxious at the dentist, and then do the actual visit, where you follow the on-screen instructions to repair his teeth issues using the tools and products given to you.

It's all that simple, and you will have aid with dialogue and text throughout the game, so you need not worry, we're sure you will do simply amazing. Let's start right now, have fun as only here is possible, and we hope to see you stick around for even more fun to come, as usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


PBS Kids

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