Ask the Clever Animals

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What is Ask the Clever Animals?

Ask the Clever Animals

Ask the Clever Animals is one of the best new educational games with animals, quizzes, and all-around fun we are happy to share it with you on our website since this is an original creation, where you join various animals in a chatbot game online where you get to talk with them and learn more about various subjects. Let's learn and have fun!

Let's Ask the Clever Animals online!

We will now introduce you to the animal characters you get to chat with, as well as the subjects you will do it on with each of them:

  • Mimi and Swish: space, planets, spaceships, or rockets
  • Ace: sports, karate, games
  • Inky: art and creativity
  • Snout: school subjects at a primary level
  • Muky and Duky: friends and friendship
  • Ally: music
  • Apollo: medicine and health
  • Neko: anime
  • Maven: investment
  • Savant: video games
  • Sherlock Quack: mysteries
  • Cuddles and Snuggles: love
  • King: knowledge and wisdom

After hitting the 'Let's Chat' button for one of the animals here that you've selected, ask them questions, give them answers, and speak with them more to see what they have to tell you, and know that you can change the animal at any time, and even save your chat to read up on it later.

Start now, enjoy, and become a better human thanks to AI!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.