Luna's Seek and Find

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What is Luna's Seek and Find?

Luna's Seek and Find

Luna now invites you to Seek and Find all her friends in the next various amazing locations through the world:

  • Juneau
  • London
  • New Orleans
  • Paris
  • Rio de Janeiro

Seek and Find Luna's Friends right now!

Her friends are animals, and they all live in these specific places, so you have to find them in their natural habitat, using the mouse to look around the locations, and click on them when they are spotted, just like in hidden objects games, only this one is way more interactive and dynamic.

Take pictures of them for preservation and documentation, and try to take them as clear as possible each time you take a shot. Just click to snap those shots. Surely you've understood, so now that you know, let the fun begin, and don't stop here either, since there are more games in this world on our website we invite you to discover!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.