Curious Campout

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What is Curious Campout?

Curious Campout

A Curious Campout is what we invite you to have right now and here in our Elinor Wonders Why Games category, recently created precisely to share with you such amazing games as we are doing right now, where you can bet on having an excellent time, and if you've played the few other games this category has had, we're sure you will agree with us already!

Go on a Curious Campout online with Elinor!

There is much to explore outside, in nature, when you go camping, so make sure to do it, as you should not miss the flora and the various animals that are all around you, but make sure to gather wood for a fire, make it, make some food on it and use it for warmth during the night, set up tents, and play games together.

Of course, through all these fun activities you will be joined by Elinor and several of her friends, and we're sure that you will be able to follow instructions easily since they will be clear, and when you go out camping in real life, you will have all the experience you already need to have a great time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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