Backyard Life

27.02.2023 613 2 votes

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What is Backyard Life?

Backyard Life

Backyard Life is our latest contribution to the Elinor Wonders Why Games category, which, as you can see, is slowly but surely growing by the day, and only getting better with these experiences where you get to learn more about nature, as you will do right now, right from the backyard of the main character's elephant best friend, Olive!

Enjoy the Backyard Life with Olive from Elinor Wonders Why!

You will zoom in on the habitats living underneath the grass and flowers in the backyard, which are already filled with bugs and animals, and the game allows you to create your own habitat, where Olive will give you rocks, dirt, flowers, and other things to place around, and make it so that you draw in living beings for it.

Try to grow them, and make them diverse, and lively, because we aim to make nature strive, even in the confines of a backyard. Now that you've surely understood, don't hesitate, to let the fun begin right away, and maybe stick around for more fun to come as only here you can possibly have it, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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