Watch the Birdy

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What is Watch the Birdy?

Watch the Birdy

Watch the Birdy is yet another one of the best Elinor Wonders Why Games online on our website, a game we would highly recommend to each and every one of you, just like we did with all the many others from the category before, which has been non-stop fun and educational, just as planned!

Let's Watch the Birdy with Elinor!

Bird-watching is an established past-time for many nature enthusiasts, and Elinor is one too, as she is getting into it together with you, who will join her for the fun, something we are sure you will enjoy dearly, just like we did, as birds are some of nature's most beautiful creatures.

You will look for the nests of various birds and try to learn more about them, but without touching the nests, since that does damage. Instead, use the binocles to carefully watch the birds, zooming in and out whenever you need to do it, and after you extract all the knowledge you need, advance to the next one.

We wish you a ton of fun with this kind of experience, and really hope you aren't stopping here, you never know what kind of amazing new content we've got in store for you all!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.