Pond Life

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What is Pond Life?

Pond Life

Pond Life is one of the newest Elinor Wonders Why Games on our website, and in a similar style to a previous entry to this category, you are invited to create your own natural habitat, but this time it will be one underneath the surface of a pond, underwater, where you will get to learn more about this environment!

Let's see what the Pond Life is all about with Elinor!

In the pond, there are animals, plants, and other interesting creatures and items, and you will create your own, adding rocks, fauna, and flora, and making sure that these develop as nicely as possible, making the bottom of your pond one just as lively as the one that you saw with the three animal friends.

The animal kids will give you all that you require to create this pond, worry not, so just follow their on-screen instructions, and we're sure you will do amazingly! What are you waiting for?

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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