Elinor Hide and Seek

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What is Elinor Hide and Seek?

Elinor Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek online is what you are invited to play right at this moment with none other than Elinor, Olive, and Ari, the trio of best friends animals you've recently met on our website and enjoyed lots of fun and educational times together, just like it will be the case right now, where we are sure that your focus and observation skills will get a major upgrade when done with the game!

Play Hide and Seek with Elinor and friends right now!

Firstly, know that this is one of the first-ever 2 players games in this category, which is an option for you to take, so start off by picking between one or two bugs, which represent 1P and 2P.

Each player will choose their avatar animal, and then, take turns in hiding and seeking. When you're hiding, the other one has to close their eyes, and vice-versa.

Then, each other has to find the other in the locations, with the one that finds the other one the most becoming the game's winner, simple as that.

Don't let fun wait on you, but begin right away, and maybe share the game with friends too, not just the ones you will play this together with on the same computer. Enjoy!

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