Apple Knight

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What is Apple Knight?

Apple Knight

Apple Knight is the new persona you will assume in one of the best new platform-adventure games with action and fighting, all of it set in a retro pixelated world similar to 8bit games of the past, but trust us when we say that this is a new creation, one we heavily recommend to everyone, knowing just how much of a good time we've had here ourselves, as you will do too, right now!

Become the Apple Knight that will save the world!

The good wizard has put you on a mission to defeat the bad wizard of this world, but until you can reach this final boss, you need to defeat all sorts of his minions, and monsters and get past the traps and obstacles he has put in your path.

Move with the right and left arrows, jump with Z, use X to attack, usually with a sword, and press C to throw apples, which is a special ability, so make sure you also collect them from the path, in order to have ammunition available. Use V to dash.

The campfires represent checkpoints, so make sure to light them up, and also open up the chests to see what treasures, weapons, or upgrades they might hold. As you advance deeper into enemy territory, it gets harder, but the fun also increases, we promise you all!

How to play?

Use the arrows, and the Z, X, C, V keys.


Limitless LLC

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