Hero Elementary: Power Jump

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What is Hero Elementary: Power Jump?

Hero Elementary: Power Jump

Power Jump is the first of many amazing Hero Elementary Games online that we now plan on sharing with everyone on our website after creating this category, which we have no doubt at all in the world is going to become a cult-favorite here on our website, even if this show is recent, but maybe precisely because of that.

Learn how to Power Jump at Hero Elementary!

Twelve levels await you in total, and in each of them you can win from one to three stars, based upon performance, and you can pick to power jump with any of the four main characters at the start of said levels.

Tap to start jumping in the air, and then click however many times you need to make the flippers hit the character and have him bounce around some more, having to collect all the coins along the way and make sure to do it in the given number of lives, with each star representing one jump.

If you take too long to grab all the coins, you will end up losing some of the progress stars. Now that you've surely understood everything, don't hold back, let the fun begin right away, and maybe share this game with your friends too, or this entire category, while we're at it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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