Super Seasons Snapshots

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What is Super Seasons Snapshots?

Super Seasons Snapshots

At Hero Elementary you don't only learn how to use superpowers, even if that is the main goal and what kids go there for, but they need to learn about the outside world at the same time, which is what will be happening right now and here with Super Seasons Snapshots, the latest addition to this category, which will prove to be quite an educational game!

Take some Super Seasons Snapshots with the Hero Elementary team!

Start by choosing between spring, winter, summer, and fall, and go through each of them in whatever order you want in order to explore the seasons and habitats specific to them.

Use the mouse to look around the areas, and when you find flora and fauna that is worth taking photos of, do so with the camera, first by clicking on its button, and then by clicking where you want to take your photo.

For all the animals and pictures you take, you earn various badges in return, which will mean that you did well in your class, and your teachers are proud of you.

What are you waiting for? Start off right now, and don't stop here either, since we've got much more amazing content in store, only for you, all guaranteed!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.