AJ's Recycle Rescue

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What is AJ's Recycle Rescue?

AJ's Recycle Rescue

AJ's Recycle Rescue is a game that is here to show you that heroes are meant to save than just humans, but their environment as well, which is why AJ hopes that by having you play this amazing game you get to help him in his mission where he wants to recycle the garbage in an appropriate way, and we will tell you all about how you do it right now and here, don't worry!

Let's help out with AJ's Recycle Rescue!

With AJ you go to the park, where you pick up litter such as wood, ropes, metal bars, and many others, depending on what you find in its different areas, and then put them back to work and use them in a new shape, such as creating park signs, benches, or even playground areas for kids to have fun around.

Now that we're pretty positive you understood the simple and really fun premise of this game, nothing should hold you back from starting it right away, after which we present you with even more great content, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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