Treehouse Trouble

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What is Treehouse Trouble?

Treehouse Trouble

Treehouse Trouble is a new puzzle and logic game online with shapes, something that kids should be learning from an age as young as possible, which is precisely what they will be encouraged to do with this amazing new game, where we are totally ready to provide you with an awesome gaming experience right now!

Let's solve the Treehouse Trouble!

There are kids who have treehouses with too many pieces, and some of them do not have enough, which is what you are going to fix with the superhero power of science, mainly learning how to put shapes that fit together really nicely.

Use the mouse to pick up blocks and put them together, even rotate them if needed, in such a way that you can make the roof of the house, which will be triangular, safely drop on it, and if it stays without falling, you will have finished the work and the level.

The designs get more complicated as you advance, but you are surely going to be better at solving these puzzles at the same time. Don't waste it, but start instead to play this wonderful addition right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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