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Io multiplayer games with shooting in 3D are always going to be a treat for the many visitors of our website, hence why we are now happy to share with you the brand new game online unblocked, which we highly recommend, hence why it has been the first new addition for the day! Let's tell you more about its gameplay, so you can start shoting away!

Play online unblocked and keep shooting!

Go around the map using the WASD keys to walk and the spacebar to jump, and with the mouse, you get to aim and shoot the gun you are holding at that instant, with you being able to buy more of them from the lobby menu if you do great and keep winning and shooting down enemies.

Make sure to take down the zombies lurking around, since they can pose a threat, even if they are bots, as they will still give you rewards from taking them down, but make sure that you ultimately defeat other stickmen you encounter since those are real players and your competition. Defeat them to get higher into the rankings!

We now wish you good luck and all the best, and we really hope to see you around for more fun to come, as only here is possible to have it, truly!

How to play?

Use WASD and the mouse.

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