Vacuum Rage

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What is Vacuum Rage?

Vacuum Rage

Vacuum Rage is going to be one of the best new hyper casual games online in 3D that you get to play for free on our website right now, where we know that the crazier a game with this format gets, the more you want to play it, and we're pretty sure the same is going to be true right now of this one too after we've enjoyed it so much, just like you are going to do!

Start the Vacuum Rage online!

You control a monster that is in the shape of a vacuum, and using the mouse or finger you move it on the course so that you suck up the red stickmen, their houses, benches, trees, and anything else in your path, because the more items and stickmen you can collect along the way, the bigger your score becomes.

Of course, each new level gets a bit more difficult and longer than the one before it, but we are sure that you will still be able to amass a big score one after another, and most importantly, enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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