Nova Cores Battles

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What is Nova Cores Battles?

Nova Cores Battles

Nova Core Battles are going to be one of the best new Bakugan fighting games online that you get to enjoy on our website, a format you can never go wrong with, even more so since it is a fun match and fight game online, a format that we don't think has been explored here before, so you can expect to have a fresh new experience, as we always love to provide!

Can you win the Bakugan Nova Core Battles?

With the mouse, you have to swap and match items from down below the two Bakugan monsters that are fighting, so that you charge up the attacks of your own, who sits on the left, and if you can attack the other one enough times to deplete their health bar, you win.

The computer will attempt to do the very same thing to you as well, so don't let them, but win one fight after another so that you can move through the levels until you finish them all and become the champion. Here are some of the Bakugan you can become here:

  • Dragonoid
  • BlitzFox
  • Nillious

Choose one, or other ones, depending on the level, and try your best, after which you might want to share the game with some of your friends just as well, even if they are not really fans of this cartoon!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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