Killer Cow

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What is Killer Cow?

Killer Cow

Killer Cow is going to take everything you knew about shooting games 3D and take it up a notch, since we don't think we've ever had the chance to share with you a game where you become a cow that is going on a killing spree, using all sorts of guns, which is precisely what you are invited to do at this moment with this amazing new fps game online!

Shoot down all the enemies of the Killer Cow!

Use WASD for moving, the mouse to aim and shoot your guns, change weapons with its wheel, press space to jump, C to crouch, and shift to run. Now that you know your controls, go out there, and in each level, with its map, destroy all the waves of enemies you encounter.

If you do not shoot them before they can kill you, you lose, so do not let your health bar completely deplete. If you defeat the waves of foes, you earn money in return, and between the levels, you get to buy new guns from the main menu of the game so that you can cause even more destruction! Survive until the end of each round!

It is all that simple, so now that the gameplay has been set up, feel confident to start playing right away, and make sure you stick around to see what more surprises are coming up for you here today!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, shift, C.

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