Seed Soaring

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What is Seed Soaring?

Seed Soaring

Seed Soaring is yet another fascinating new addition of our team to the Nature Cat Games category, where we've not had the skill and flying games like this one ever before, so get yourselves ready for a fresh new experience unlike you have ever had, as we promise with any new addition to this lovely new category of education and fun!

Send the Seed Soaring with Nature Cat!

Your goal is to send seeds into the air and help them spread for a distance as big as possible, and you begin by clicking when the meter is in the green area so that Nature Cat can send them away with a lot of power, after which you take control of them as they fly.

Click to make them go up, release to make them go down, and alternate between these two in order to avoid all the obstacles in the air, because you lose seeds if you hit them, and if you lose all the seeds, you have to start again. Each time it happens, try harder to make a bigger distance than before, of course! Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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