The Big Gathering

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What is The Big Gathering?

The Big Gathering

The Big Gathering feels like the perfect game with which our team can now kick off the Molly of Denali Games category, where you should know that we will be bringing you new and amazing games for the foreseeable future, which are both really fun and really educational at the same time, so make sure not to miss out on it for anything in the world!

Join The Big Gathering with Molly of Denali Games!

The Big Gathering represents an annual meeting of people in Alaska, with family and friends coming together to have all sorts of fun, as events are planned for that special day, and with the preparation you are going to help as well through this game, doing different tasks in each of the five days preceding this festival.

You will do things such as picking up tea leaves so that the people have something natural to drink, practice bird calls so that you put on a show with them, and do many other things, with Molly explaining each task carefully, so if you follow her guidance, you will do an amazing job!

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Use the mouse.

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