Super Brawl Clicker

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What is Super Brawl Clicker?

Super Brawl Clicker

Super Brawl Clicker is both an idle clicking game online and a shooting and action game at the same time, making a stand and a difference for both genres at the same time, which is why we highly recommend it right at this moment, and we would really hate if you were not to play it right now!

Try our new Super Brawl Clicker online!

When you click/tap on the screen your brawler will shoot at the opponent in front of you, and after shooting them enough, you will get an upgrade in the foe, as they might even shoot back at you, so make sure to always be ahead by always clicking more.

Doing so earns you rewards and coins as well, which you can use to make upgrades to your character, making them stronger, dealing more damage with each new click, and maybe even changing their skins if you wish.

It's that simple, and you can keep playing with this clicker game however much you see fit, so test out your limits, and see for yourselves why it is as fun as we deem it to be!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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