Bad Ice Cream

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What is Bad Ice Cream?

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream Games from Nitrome is one of the best series they have ever produced, and they are among the top-rated 2 player games online to have been added on our website, with the game where you are right now being the first game, the one that started all the madness and the fun. If you’re new to the franchise, let’s get rolling and explaining what you have to do, so that you and your friends can start having fun playing Bad Ice Cream 1 online right away!

You can play by yourself, but we recommend the mode in two players, where each of you will be picking what flavor your ice-cream has: chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Player 1 will walk using the arrow keys and shoot with space, while Player 2 will walk using the w, a, s, d keys, and shoot with the F key. You can shoot wind which transforms into frozen cubes because of the cold outside, which is useful to trap enemies, or you can shoot to destroy the blocks.

Make sure to avoid the creatures you encounter, because if they touch you you lose, or trap them in ice to stop them from bothering you. In each level you have a frozen maze you have to explore, and where your main goal is to collect all of the fruits to clear it. While you are working together for that, as no player can die, or you lose, try to get more fruits than the other and get more points. Each level needs to be completed before the timer runs out on you, so work together and be fast!

No matter how hard the levels get, if you give the game your best, you will finish your journey as winners!

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