Bad Ice Cream

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What is Bad Ice Cream?

Bad Ice Cream

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite angry ice cream that could be mistaken for the poop emoji. While the ice cream characters we play look angry, they are not the antagonists of the game. The game is full of creepy creatures ready to consume a delicate treat.

Starting Bad Ice Cream game And Learning The Controls

When you start Bad Ice Cream, you get to choose whether you’re playing alone or with another player. Bad Ice Cream is fun with a second person, but it’s just as challenging when coordinating your ice moves with another player.

Player one will move with the arrow keys while shooting with the space bar or return key
Player Two will move with the WASD keys and shoot with the F key

After you choose the number of players, then you get to choose between the three ice cream flavors of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate.

How To Win In Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream’s objectives are simple: collect all the items you need while not getting trampled by the enemies. When you start the first couple of levels, it might seem like it’s easy to avoid the enemies, as they walk predetermined paths. However, once you get to higher levels, the enemies will start to chase you down.

“Shooting” in Bad Ice Cream doesn’t fire projectiles to kill an enemy. It shoots a row or column of ice, depending on which way the character is facing. Using the shoot key on a block of ice will break it. Use your abilities strategically to maneuver around the map.

Tips For Bad Ice Cream

●    Pay attention to the time limit. While it’s easy enough to avoid enemies if you had all the time in the world, there’s actually a time limit at the top of the screen. Maneuver smartly, but stay quick on your feet.
●    Stay one step ahead of your enemies. You can block them off using ice, but some enemies will break through it. You can use your ice to slow them down, but don’t focus on trying to trap them the whole match. Your goal is to collect all the items within the time limit.

Stay frosty gamers!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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