Bad Ice-Cream 3

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What is Bad Ice-Cream 3?

Bad Ice-Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3 is the third game in the Bad Ice Cream series. The Bad Ice Cream series is found for free online, Bad Ice Cream 3 is a culmination of experience and stress from the previous Bad Ice Cream games. Before you jump back into the familiar puzzles of Bad Ice Cream 3, let’s look at the gameplay, controls, and tips for the game. 

Bad Ice Cream 3 Gameplay

You can play with up to two players in this puzzle game. After choosing between vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, then you’re thrust into a world full of levels where hungry animals try to melt your ice cream in 40 pressure-filled levels. 

Players can add their friends to come along with them on the journey through 40 levels of ice blasting fun. You and a friend can use your powers to slow down monsters, break ice, and protect yourselves as you collect all the fruits. 

If you’ve played the original two Bad Ice Cream games, then you’re already familiar with the controls

●    Moving takes the WASD or arrow keys
●    Freezing enemies is with the space bar

One of the biggest mechanics is blowing the wall to ensure your enemies are stuck so you can collect the fruit unobstructed. Here are some tips to ensure you can get through the third installment of Bad Ice Cream as you did with the previous two.

Bad Ice 3 Cream Tips

●    Use your barriers liberally if you can. You defeat creatures by fencing them in to protect yourself. You can kill them in Bad Ice Cream 2 by breaking the ice fence to them. However, you do not want to touch them. You don’t want to stay there too long. Remember, the monsters can eventually get through.
●    The challenges are a lot more difficult in Bad Ice Cream 3 than in the previous 2. The 40 levels in Bad Ice Cream 3 might seem like they’ll come quickly, but you’d be surprised how stuck you feel in the first couple of levels. Don’t give up too soon!
●    You need to strategize as quickly as possible. Look for the fruits on the map and train your route ahead of time. Of course, you won’t be able to follow the route you plan exactly. You need to have a contingency plan in case you get distracted on your way to the fruit. 

Bad Ice Cream 3 is truly an experience above the other two. From the music to the gameplay, Bad Ice Cream 3 is a memorable one if you’re above the challenge of Bad Ice Cream One and Two. Keep yourself from melting!

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Use the arrows.